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Every year, Zeta chapters around the world celebrate Finer Womanhood, one of our founding principles. We honor extraordinary individuals and agencies serving the community. We also award scholarships to deserving students wanting to pursue higher education. Finally, we celebrate the accomplishments of our members and auxiliaries. ​

For 40 years, the Lamnda Rho Zeta chapter has continuously demonstrated its dedication to serving the Pontiac community and recognizing the contributions of individuals who have given tirelessly to others.

For additional information, please contact the Pearls of Hope Foundation at:

Finer Womanhood Scholarship Luncheon

Past Honorees

* denotes Deceased

^ denotes Community Service award

Woman of the Year, Family of the Year, Community Service 

1984 - Mrs. Marie Hayes Johnson*

1985 - Mrs. Alberteen Jackson*

1986 - Mrs. Gertrude Strickland*

            The Harriet Jean Cantrell Family*

1987 - Mrs. Wilma M Yarbro*

            The Anna Gracey Family*

1988 - Mrs. Delores Spears Simpson*

            The Gladys Smith Family

1989 - Mrs. Anne D. Russell*

            The Susie E. McKinney Smith                                Family*

1990 - Mrs. Bernice Ferguson*

            The Flora Jackson Family*

            Bro. Donald Cordell (Man of the                           Year)* 

1991 - Mrs. Malissa Brice*

           The Flossie Ledsinger Family*

           M.A.L.D. (Mich. Assoc. for

                Leadership Development)

1992 - Mrs. Nora Lee Williams*

            Mr. Esmo Woods (Man of the Year)

1993 - Tenth Year Celebration

1994 - Ms. Liz Bond

            The Ellen Ferguson Family

1995 - Mrs. Evelyn ford

            The Mary Estelle McDonald Family

1996 - Mrs. Yvonne Fuselier Golden*

            The Ida Christine Elam Family

1997 - Mrs. Earline Davis

            The Verna Hodge Family

1998 - Soror Dorothy Brown, Ph.D.*

            The Irene Christmon Family*

1999 - Mrs. Marie Foster

            The Nancy Riggs Family*

2000 - Hon. Cynthia Thomas Walker

             The Dorothy Jones Heron Family

2001 - Mrs. Eleanor Mickens*

            The Dorothy Woodmore Family

            Dr. Roy V. Cooley*^

2002 - Mrs. Cassie Davis

             Mrs. Cordia Graham Family

             Mr. Melvin Cobb*^

2003 - Soror Doris Woods*

             The Cleo Walker Family

               Rev. Douglas Jones^

2004 - Doris Taylor, Ph.D. 

             Mrs. Ollie Whiters Family*

2005 - Mrs. Mattie Hatchett

             The Gloria Carlisle Family*

             Bound Together Tutoring &


2006 - Mrs. Alice Thompson

             The Sylvia Stewart Family*

             Mr. Willie McCray^

2007 - Dr. Deidre Holloway Waterman

             Mrs. Minnie Bell Johnson Family*

             Mrs. Francile (Fran) Anderson*^

2008 - Mrs. Anna Mae Pope*

             Mother Helen Parker Family

             Zeta Amicae Auxiliary of Pontiac, MI^

2009 - Mrs. Alice Patricia Parker*

             Mrs. Joyce (Abram) Powell Family

             Mr. & Mrs. Charles Leonard                                           (Demetra)*^

2010 - Mrs. Brenda Street

            Mrs. Juanita (David) Coleman Family

            Mrs. Dorothy Aldo & Mrs. Karine Green^

2011 - Dr. Patricia Dolly

            Mrs. Carolyn A. Price^

2012 - Mrs. Teresa Rodges

            Mrs. Betty Esnault*

2013 - 30th year Celebration

2014 - Dr. Jeanette M. Campbell

             Mrs. Donna Quince-Cobb

             Major Patricia B. Overton

2015 - Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence 

            Soror Dr. Daphne Ntiri

2016 - Ms. Gail Perry-Mason

            Kaino Phillips^

2017 - "Education's Power Couple":

Mr. Jimmy King and Soror Dorothy King 

2018 - Dr. Anissa R. Mattison, D.O.

            Steven and Velma Lyons

            "Family of the Year"

2019 - Soror Anita Barksdale

2020 - 

2021 - 

2022 - 

2023 - 






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